The bioactive steam room function:

June 15, 2016

Anran Nano uses nano technology conditioning in a steam room. It is natural, green, safe and comfortable. There are no side effects to the body. It brings ideal health through a “Cell Bath”.

The Function includes:

  • Body relaxation, release nervous feelings and reduce stress
  • Accelerate blood circulation, open pores, open the circulation system in the body to detox
  • Activate inactive cells, increase immunization of the body, accelerate the healing of the wound
  • Strengthen trachea, bronchus, and lung function. Great effect to sensitivity and expectoration
  • Increase basic body metabolizes, reduce sugar and high cholesterol glycerin, increase long lasting strength.
  • Bacteria resistance, improve body repair and regeneration
  • Improve skin quality, increase skin flexibility, delay aging and detoxine.
  • While having the steam, drinking some of the Anran Nano water will accelerate the expel of acid material out through sweating. Improve your health condition.
  • Build a beautiful body
  • Adjust acidy and alkaline balance in your body. Smooth Meridian, green for chronic disease.